lundi 10 mai 2010

The Last is the best!

it has been a week that the Green network arrived at Hald international center. it was great week and it is cool to speak Malagasy with the norwegian in Madagascar. and aslo talk with the other for other places in the world.
eventhough, i want to go home, this place makes me feeling home. i will never forget this place, i really hope that i can come back just to visit this place.
i love hald!

lundi 19 avril 2010

Welcome back to Gjennestad!

after an other goodbye at Øya Vgs! we had to travel 8 hours from trondheim to stokke. it was an long trip. and then back to Gjennestad Vgs!
we gonna stay 2 weeks here, before pakking for Hald international center.
nice adventure! :)

samedi 17 avril 2010

each day is day for change!

"Be the change that you want to see"

dimanche 11 avril 2010

fra " jeg snaker ikke norsk" til " jeg snakker men bare litt"

Language is one of the basic needed to know when you go to new country and want to interact with them. i still remeber the time when i was at Hald international senter, i did not speak norwegian. It was hard to understand them,, and if someone speaks to me, i always say, jeg snakker ikke norsk. that was during 3 months. But after some learing and self studing there where some evaluation. the big step that i made was to talk with someone who does not speak english at all, so i have to learn. i visit ingeborg, a woman, who was in madagascar some years ego, she does not speak english very much. so she speaks norwegian with me and my team mates. To not do some miss understanding i and my team mates have to learn norwegian.

after some visit and self teaching, i could see some evaluation in norwegian, most of the missionar who was in Madagascar, if they know that i could speak english even just ten world, they try to speak norwegian. so that was also a way to learn this difficult language.

now, i live in throndheim, it is another dialict. But i try, yeasterday during the Øyadagen, i have sell Vaffle so i have to speak norwegian, and i tryed. it worked, i am so happy. now even i still need some translation during big event i can say that i understand some norwegian in meeting. not 100 o/o but at least 40 o/o. Even i have 2 months left, i still have this eager to learn norwegian.

nå, jeg prøve å snakker norsk selv, det er litt vanskelig språk!

så bra!

another goodbye

it has been long time, me and marinette, we are still at Øya. it has been long week end after the påske ferie. we had Øyadagen, last saturday. it is about collecting money for the school. it was norwegian way, lotterie, vaffler and flower selling. it was so amazing how norwegian support each other.
this week will be the last week of work of our internship. it is exciting but also sad, because after this week it means Good bye. and after three places visited, Øya Vgs is the best.
so nice to meet those young people and interact with them
still not looking forward to say goodbye to my family at Øya

jeudi 25 février 2010

Øya, the school of heart!

it has been 3 weeks that i am at Øya vinderegående skole. It is really nice place, the time i was here, i feel really happy. the people are really nice, king and friendly. the first day we went for trip with the third year class. so, it was really amazing, they translated for us and i think they want to know more about us and our country.

about the work, it is really nice, we work in the cowshed and with the sheaps. the work here is more management. because when we work in those places we work without the teacher. so i think it is more educational that i do it my self and then the teacher corrige my mmistake.

i am so happy to get chance to go this place

i love øya.

vendredi 29 janvier 2010


NM stokke was one of the moment in my advendure in Norway. i always want to watch it directly. i got a chance to go there. first time to see the snow, and already fall in love with the sport ski! it is so cool.